Welcome to Yoga5The Elements of Life

To make people healthy and happy by energizing the 5 elements of body and creating consciousness through dynamically designed program.

Our aim is to initiate you on the path of yoga. We believe Yoga is a way of life and does not comprise of only physical culture, as generally understood. Our practical applications of yogic ideals in daily life include the simple philosophies behind the techniques of yoga that contributes to better living.

  • Why Yoga5?
  •   Qualified and experienced trainers.

  •   One Membership for multiple programs.

  •   Yogic breakfast and drinks.

  •   Zone to enjoy acupressure.

  •   Monthly fitness test.

  •   Halfyearly blood test.

  •   Detailed and scientific videos of each health topic.

  •   Cool and calm atmosphere ventilated by natural air.

  •   Weekly interesting programs designed scientifically for a year.

  •   Programs are for all age groups.

  •   Doctor Consultation.

  •   Diet Consultancy.

  •   Monthly awards for the members.

  •   Birthday celebration of the members.

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